Print Marketing

We offer a full range of print media services beginning with a free consultation to determine exactly what your needs are. We’re here to share our practical experience gained from over 20 years in the sales and marketing industry. Our services are completely customized to your needs, and our goal is to help you build a stronger message about your business. How? Not only will we help you develop new branding strategies, but our Content Writer will actually help you write it.

Print Marketing Strategies

  • Full analysis of all your current print marketing materials
  • Branding strategies
  • Market trend analysis
  • Print media vendors
  • Ad campaign history and analysis
  • Defining new print media goals
  • Everything printed from business cards to product brochures
  • Also experienced in writing sales and training manuals

Target Market Publications *

  • Full evaluation of your publication
  • Distribution analysis
  • Defining sales goals
  • Demographic analysis
  • Training your sales and distribution teams
  • Print vendor evaluation
  • Branding strategies
  • Integration with new marketing strategies

* Our Publication Consulting team has over 25 years experience collectively in the target market publication industry. We’ve built publications from scratch and sold publications for profit. From start to finish, our knowledge can help you reach the next level of success for your business. Ask us about our upcoming seminars on helping target market publications thrive…even in a social media society.